Infrared Photography Live Stream. Answering your questions, critiquing your IR images, and editing your IR images live. Live Stream schedule

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00:00:00 Intro
00:04:05 Testing for Hot Spots (Kalli)
00:09:06 720nm as 850nm (Mark)
00:10:40 Sony IR Lenses (Wayne)
00:11:30 Fujifilm ultrawide lens (Keith)
00:13:04 IR fluorescence (FrantiĊĦek)
00:18:24 Red 25a filter (patpat)
00:18:58 Image stacking (Steve)
00:21:18 ISO (jwilkinsMath)
00:23:27 What f-stop? (Wayne)
00:26:48 Favorite lens? (Wayne)
00:30:47 Review & Edit (Wayne)
00:38:28 2024 Solar Eclipse (Phil)
00:41:28 Veins in IR (John)
00:42:58 550nm image (John)
00:45:09 IR Portrait edit (John)
00:56:21 IR unnatural or art? (Michel)
01:03:04 Edit, abstract, panorama (Phil)
01:17:50 Clarity challenge (Susan)
01:23:33 IR Flowers (Susan)
01:29:36 Hot Spots (Augie)
01:33.18 590nm color fringing (Keith)
01:41:29 channel swap in masks (Phil)
01:45:48 Monochrome images (Mark)
01:48:30 ICC Profile printing (Loretta)
01:53:04 Visible light filter on full spectrum (Terry)
01:54:55 720nm image review (Lucie)
01:58:05 Book giveaway


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