New PRO Infrared LUTs

Introducing PRO Infrared LUTs, a collection of 270 LUTs for infrared images and video.

Diffraction Calculator

Use this diffraction calculator to find optimal settings for avoiding diffraction.

New Chrome Profile Pack

I’m working on a new free Chrome Profile Pack and need your images to help build it.

ON1 Photo RAW Infrared Presets Update

Updates to the ON1 Photo RAW Infrared Presets, dozens of new presets, three new color swap methods, and more AI local contrast presets.

April 27th Live Stream

My next infrared photography live stream is on Thursday, April 27th, at 8 pm EDT.

New Book Live Stream

I review the contents of my new book, Color Doesn’t Exist: A Practical Guide to Infrared Photography, and answer viewer questions.

Where are my profiles?

Where do I place DNG Camera Profiles (DCP) and Enhanced Profiles (XMP) for Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop Camera Raw?

Kase IR720 Infrared Filter

Review of Kase IR720 720 nm filter. Infrared in winter, fixing hot spots, and the challenges in shooting with infrared with some unconverted cameras.

Clip-in Flange Filters

Comparing different form factors for filters, the pros and cons of flange filters, and my recommendations.

Infrared Masters LEMAG Talks

On Friday, November 26th, 2021, I’m pleased to be participating in a talk on infrared photography with Long Exposure Photography Magazine.

Live Stream Q&A

Recording of Live Stream where I take viewer questions and edit viewer images live.

Kolari IRND Filters

Kolari IRND filters designed for infrared and visible light. I look at using Neutral Density (ND) filters: long exposures and wide apertures.

Infrared Photography Live Stream Q&A

Infrared Photography Live Stream Q&A, answered questions from viewers and previous videos, and did some troubleshooting on viewer images.

Deep Infrared with an Unconverted Camera

Deep Infrared images with unconverted camera, shot with an 750 nm+ filter, the equipment needed, shooting settings, and editing in Photoshop and Camera Raw.

Infrared Profile Pack

Introducing the free Infrared Profile Pack which contains infrared camera profiles for Lightroom and Photoshop.

Photoshop Actions for Infrared v2

Color Infrared Photoshop Actions v2, designed to speed the process of color swapping in Photoshop. Best on color infrared filters from 470 nm to 720 nm.

Infrared Inspiration

Inspiration from Kolari Vision’s annual Life in Another Light photo contest, featuring infrared and visible light photography.

Five Pitfalls to Infrared Photography

How to deal with the top pitfalls when shooting and editing infrared photography; hot spots, focus, diffraction, white balance, and post processing.

Infrared with vintage Nikon 24mm f/2.8

Shooting and editing color infrared photography with a vintage Nikon Nikkor-N Auto 24mm f/2.8, adapted to mirror-less camera converted to infrared.

Best Editors for Infrared Photos

Recap the best raw infrared photo editors, the best free open source software, best low cost, easiest to use, and best ecosystem for editing in infrared.

Rollei Infrared Film First look

Rollei Infrared B&W negative ISO 400 film is sensitive to visible light and near-infrared up to 820 nm, can capture mostly IR with a 720 nm filter.

Lightroom LUT versus Hue

Comparing color swapping with the Enhanced profile and Local Hue Adjustment in Lightroom.

Kolari Pocket Review

Review of the Kolari Pocket, an affordable introduction to the many ways that you can shoot infrared light.

Photoshop Actions for Infrared

Photoshop Actions designed to speed the process of color swapping infrared photos with a 550 to 720 nm filter.