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Photoshop Actions for Infrared

Photoshop Actions


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These Adobe Photoshop Actions are designed to speed the process of color swapping Infrared photos. They work best on color Infrared photos taken with cameras converted to a 590nm, 625nm, or 720nm internal filter, or with a full spectrum camera when used with an external filter of similar value.

This collection contains the following actions.

* Photoshop Elements does not support the Channel Mixer adjustment layer. Therefore, you should use the IR Invert method when using these actions with Photoshop Elements.


  1. Unzip the file by double-clicking on it and save the included *.atn file to your desktop.

  2. In Photoshop, open the Actions panel by selecting Actions under the Window Menu.

  3. Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the Action dialog and select Load Actions. Select the action from your desktop and click the Load button.


  1. Open the infrared image you wish to edit in Lightroom, or in Adobe Camera Raw with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

  2. Select a custom color profile for your infrared camera. For instruction on how to create a custom profile for your camera, watch this video.

  3. Once you have selected a color profile, you will need to set the white balance for your image. The following video contains tips for setting the white balance for color infrared images.

  4. If you completed the above steps in Lightroom, right-click the image, and select Edit in Adobe Photoshop. If you completed the above steps in Adobe Camera Raw, select the Open Image button.

  5. Run the desired action by selecting the action and clicking the Play selection button at the bottom of the action dialog window.



If you have comments, questions or feedback, use the comment section for this video.

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