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Creating an Infrared Custom Profile for Lightroom and Photoshop

Update 2021-April-06: You can also download the Infrared Profile Pack.

Lightroom’s white balance temperature slider doesn’t offer enough range to effectively set a white balance on raw color infrared images. The same issue exists in Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop, which uses the same raw processing engine. In order to set a good white balance for color infrared images, it’s helpful to create a custom color profile. The guide below will step through the process. This video also covers the process.

Create DNG Image

You will need a raw file in Adobe’s Digital Negative (DNG) format. If you do not already have a DNG file, you can create one with Lightroom.

Download DNG Profile Editor

The Adobe DNG Profile Editor is a free tool which allows you to create custom profiles. It’s available for Mac and Windows. You can download it here:

If you have trouble running the DNG Profile Editor on a Mac, you may need to follow this workaround.

Create Custom Profile

Using the Custom Profile in Lightroom

Note: If you do not see the profile listed that you just created, ensure that the profile was created with an image created by the same camera model as you are currently viewing. Custom profiles are specific to each model of camera. You only need one profile for your camera. If you have multiple infrared cameras, you will need a custom profile for each camera.

Using the Custom Profile in Photoshop


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